Where to find Happiness

Snack time with the Galvez family

I have just spent the last three days sweating, bumping, and meeting new borrowers out in the field. My butt is exhausted from sitting on endless metal seats transporting me from one borrower interview to the next.  I have met some incredible women along the way, but I have reached a point at the end of the third day, when I am exhausted and think I can take no more. Then I meet one of the most amazing families.

Little did I know that when I met the Galvez family that they would confirm for me an idea that I have been pondering most of my fellowship. I have been contemplating the idea of happiness more than I care to admit during my fellowship. After learning about this families amazing success as entrepreneurs we were sharing a snack, when Josh another Kiva Fellow and I asked if the family ever wanted to travel to the United States. Then with no hesistation their son responded “Happiness is in the heart”. The son proceeded to share his view of happiness and that it does not come from traveling to places, but rather comes out of creating it in your heart. The sincerity in which this explanation was shared with me leaves no doubt in my heart that he has happiness in his heart.

What was shared over snack is what I have found to be representative of the Philippine culture, while many of the people are poor in monetary terms, they have a great wealth of happiness in their hearts. I continue to learn many great lessons from the people that I am meeting in the Philippines but this one will always stick out to me.


One Response to “Where to find Happiness”

  1. Laura Neff - Life Leadership Coach Says:

    What a beautiful gift he gave you in that sentiment, Ed! It sounds like something that’s easy to hear and nod your head to, “getting it” intellectually, but you’re lucky enough to have felt that message deeply…in YOUR heart. I’m so glad for you!

    I notice that it’s been a while since you last posted. Hoping all is well!


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