The living conditions of a Kiva Fellow

By Ed Coambs, Philippines, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation

I have created this short video to show you what my room at Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation looks like. I have been so blessed because as I have talked with my other fellows I realize that I have it good. I have hot water, cable, minifridge, and a flushing toilet. These are all luxuries for a Kiva Fellow. If you like what you have seen on my blog link to the Kiva Fellows blog. There are really some great stories out there.

I hope that you have enjoyed my spin on MTV cribs. If you have questions about something you saw and would like to know more about it let me know by leaving a comment.


3 Responses to “The living conditions of a Kiva Fellow”

  1. Ann Says:

    you are hilarious… my family may think you’re crazy, but they still love you. we all watched this video after thanksgiving dinner. good thing you made your bed and scrubbed the toilet before you shot the film. 🙂

    now you need to make a similar cool video while walking around NWTF, to show all of the departments of the MFI you’re working with, and some of the major players that help with the KIVA partnership. let the video roll! and now that you’ve got josh there, one of you can film while the other narrates or interviews people, or you can trade off. can’t wait to see it….. (hint, hint)
    A 😉

  2. Lizzy Says:

    Oh you’re lucky! You have a nice crib there. But it’s REALLY far from your office. Ha ha ha! I’m kidding. You had to commute and ride jeepneys and trisikads and a 5km walk just to get there. Hahaha! I’m sorry. 😀

  3. Kay Says:

    Thanks for posting. It makes you feel a little bit closer to home.

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